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Green Energy for Chicago Area

You can now get green energy at lower rates in Chicago. Green energy is now competitive with traditional energy. Just look at the rates. Illinois now says that everyone has the right to choose where their electricity comes from.

Things have changed with the residential deregulation of electricity in Illinois. The average homeowner can now get green energy very easily. If you pay an electric bill, you qualify for savings. The condo owner, and apartment renter can also buy green energy. If a person pays an electric bill, they can now get green energy.

This is done through “third party energy”. Once upon a time Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) both supplied and delivered electricity. Now, ComEd only is responsible for delivering it. If a person has not told ComEd where to get the power, then ComEd purchases it from Exelon and charges top dollar. When a person chooses a third party energy company, like Viridian Energy, then ComEd is instructed to get the power there. The charges for a third party energy company are typically lower than what is charged for the Exelon supplied power in the Chicago area.

Viridian Energy is unique in that it supplies green energy in all its programs. Green energy is defined as electricity from solar, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric sources. In the Midwest, wind and solar are what is generally available.

Current rates for December, 2011 are:
5.990 cents per KWH from Viridian Energy for 20% Green (plus the 6% mandate for 26% green energy)
7.490 cents per KWH from Viridian Energy for 100% Green

Both rates are lower than the 7.750 cents/kwh from Exelon. Remember, ComEd delivers ALL electricity, but makes none of it.

Green energy is competitive with dirty brown energy. Electricity from coal and oil power plants is causing the destruction of the Appalachian mountains, oil spills, refinery pollution, pollution of our rivers, toxins in the air, and much more. It is much more than the release of CO2 and climate change.

What is wonderful is that for the typical person who does not follow environmental issues, the choice is still simple — ITS CHEAPER!!! How great is that? Good for the planet AND good for your wallet.

I wish everyone would do this. If everyone just got the 20% Green option, that would have a huge impact on the energy industry in the US. A greener energy industry would reduce our dependence on foreign fuels, be healthier, and be cheaper in the long run. In economic terms, a demand-pull process would take hold and the energy industry would be transformed within a decade or two.

Do you want to be part of the solution? If you can, make the maximum impact and choose 100% green energy.

To be part of the solution, click here => Get Green Energy Today

It takes only a minute. Its easy. Your billing with your power company does not change.