1-Craig Dillon

My name is Craig Dillon. The environment has been a lifelong passion for me. I am a volunteer for the Sierra Club and other environmental groups serving the Chicago, the Midwest, and the Nation. I am an Independent Associate of Viridian Energy with the goal of helping people save money while “going green”.

Until 2009, I was a contractor helping to build or remodel homes. I had seen how many people were investing huge sums of money to effect different choices in how they used and paid for energy. A typical roof solar array would cost over $40,000.

Viridian Energy enables people to get 100% green energy without all the expense of roof solar arrays, or windmills in the backyard. In fact, residents of condos and apartments can now get green energy just because they pay an electric bill.

The fact that everyone in their markets can select Viridian, means that “Greening the Grid” has now become a realistic goal. Until Viridian, I thought it may never happen, or be in the very distant future. Viridian has changed all that.

As a businessman and a Kellogg business school alum, I believe in the power of the marketplace. Now people can make the energy market hear them. I can’t wait.

If you agree with me that saving money while greening the grid is a good idea, then ==> Get Green Energy

Contact Info:

email: realgreenenergy@gmail.com
tel: 773-364-0547


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