Viridian energy is a green company that cares about the planet. It also wants to help charitable organizations to raise additional money to help them help their communities.  By helping your supporters to save money on their electric bills, your organization will receive additional money each and every month. Your supporters will benefit, and your organization benefits. What could be better?

Look at the following video to learn how it works.

Did you notice that since people will save money with Viridian Energy that NPO’s often end up with more participants than they have members? When your members benefit, they will tell their friends, and so they may participate. That way you not only raise more money, but you may acquire more members as well.

Churches and charities perform wonderful and needed tasks in our society. Viridian is happy to do what it can to help.  There is no charge for a charity to join Viridian under this program.

For each member enrolled, your church or charity receives $2.00 a month, each and every month. Your member saves money, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you are helping the environment, too. Additionally, with bonuses, your church or charity may receive up to an additional $5,000.

This program is FREE! No upfront charges, and no charges later on either. I hope you agree with me and think this program is great.

My name is Craig Dillon, and I am your Viridian Associate.  To get started, call me at 773-364-0547. Arrange a time for us to meet, and to go over the program.

Contact Info:

Email: realgreenenergy@gmail.com
telephone: 773-364-0547


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