2-Green the Grid

“Greening the Grid” is something you may be hearing more about. It refers to the process of getting more electricity being produced and used that involves renewable energy technology. “Renewable Energy” refers to all the ways of making electricity without burning some kind of fuel. Because renewable energy does not cause any pollution, it is also called “Green Energy”. Other than hydroelectric, renewable energy technology consists of using the sun, wind, geothermal, tides, and waves.  Hydroelectric is not part of the discussion because its use is considered to be at its maximum  with little opportunity for increasing its usage significantly.

In those states where electricity production has been deregulated, individuals can now make a direct impact on how our energy is produced.  Disregarding hydroelectric power, which has been unchanged for decades, renewable energy made up 4.7% of total electrical capacity in 2009,according to the US Energy Information Administration.  However, most of that came from independent power producers. Utilities produced less than 1% of their electricity from renewable energy sources in 2009.

From 1998 to 2009, utilities increased their renewable energy capacity by slightly over 3 gigawatts.  By comparison, over the same period, utilities increased their capacity of production using natural gas by over 50 gigawatts. Does that seem like the electrical utility industry is taking green energy production seriously?

However, people can now make their wishes heard. In the states of Illinois, Maryland, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, average residents can choose green energy. This is possible because those states have deregulated energy production and allow third party energy suppliers. Homeowners, renters, small businesses can now direct their local power company to get their electricity from one of the third party suppliers.

By third party supplier, we mean an organization other than the traditional supplier that the local power company has normally used. In the Chicago area, ComEd normally uses electricity from Exelon to deliver to its customers. This power comes primarily from the power plants used to own before deregulation.  Since this is done without consulting the customer, there is no  impact of the market on ComEd’s or Exelon’s policies and procedures.

They don’t believe in green energy, and will not change their ways until the market tells them they better. Lets look at how this works.

Back in the 1980’s, the big three automobile companies dominated the American car market and they took the consumer for granted. They produced bad cars that fell apart, and the warranties were only one year long. Well, the market reacted. People went to companies like Toyota, Honda, and Mercedes Benz for quality. Detroit lost market share big time.

But, Detroit did finally get the message. GM, Ford, and Chrysler went back to making better cars. The warranties are now much longer, and you can drive a car for over ten years if you take care of it. It all happened because people made different buying decisions.

Now people can do the same when buying their electricity. They can usually save money in the process. With no monopoly over the production of electricity, the prices react to competition. They typical consumer can save about 10% a year or more by using a third party supplier.

What may be more significant is the message that consumers can send by selecting green energy. Viridian is the unique third party energy supplier because it offers green energy in all of its products. Viridian supplies a green energy product at a similar price as other companies supply traditional brown energy.

With Viridian, people can go green and save money too.

Even if CO2 and global warming were not issues, the high levels of pollution and the dependence on foreign countries should make moving the American power infrastructure, the “Grid”, to a sustainable and green future.

As people choose green power from third party suppliers, they will be “Greening the Grid”. The technology actually exists today to replace all the coal, oil, gas, and nuclear power stations with green energy facilities.  If it happens, it will be because of the decisions of many people to change how they buy their energy.

Ask yourself these questions:  Can you save money with third party energy? Do you want a less polluted and healthier environment for your family? Do you want to see America less vulnerable to foreign fuel suppliers and markets?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you can save money with green energy from Viridian.  Go to ==> Get Green Energy


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