The Viridian Opportunity

A great opportunity has been created in Illinois because it recently deregulated energy supply for residential and small commercial clients. Over 4,000,000 meters can be converted from Exelon to save clients money, and to help green the grid.

Because everyone can now decide who will supply them electricity, they can also make a decision as to how that electricity will be created. Since energy delivery is the responsibility of the utility, such as Com Ed, the clients billing process does not change.

Presently, 84% of large commercial clients have opted for 3rd party energy, while less than 2% of residential and small commercial clients have made the switch. Forecasters believe that over 50% of such clients will switch to 3rd party energy within three years. So, now is the time of great opportunity.

Recent Viridian rates have shown that green energy is now competitive with traditional brown energy. As more wind and solar farms depreciate their construction costs, green energy will continue to become more and more competitive. Viridian Energy specializes in green energy for residential and small commercial supply.

Energy is now deregulated in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and now Illinois. Energy deregulation is a growing trend with more states going to join the movement. As a Viridian Associate, I can participate in all those states.

Why did I become a Viridian Associate? The answer is simple. I saw an opportunity to create personal wealth while being true to my principles. I am a member of and volunteer for the Sierra Club, one of the best environmental organizations around. Never before was I able to combine a personal passion with my professional life. I want to do my bit to leave a better place for my daughter.

I am looking for others to join me in helping others learn they have the right to save money, and they have the right to green energy and clean air. If you want to help, please call me at 773-364-0547.

Thank you,

Craig Dillon

(To help people to lower their electrical costs and to use more green energy ==> <click here”Become a Viridian Associate“>Become a Viridian Associate.


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