Energy Supply / Delivery

Energy Supply: The activity of creating and putting energy onto the grid. Examples: Exelon, Viridian, Ambit, etc

Energy Delivery: The activity of transferring energy from the grid to consumers of the energy. Typically, these companies are called utilities, they are monopolies, and they have the responsibility of billing consumers.

Brown Energy: traditional energy sources considered to be polluting, and therefore, “brown”. These energy sources include oil plants, coal plants, gas plants, nuclear plants, and any other source that requires burning a fuel to create electrical power.

Green Energy: Also called renewable energy sources. These include hydroelectric, solar energy, wind energy, and geothermal. Technologies under development may use tides, waves, and ocean currents to create energy. Green energy is noted by being free, except for the maintenance of the facility. After initial construction costs are paid, they are the cheapest source of electricity. Hoover Dam is a great example of a green energy facility that has been a cheap source of electricity since the 1930’s,


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